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There is an old adage in the business world that it helps to have friends in high places. Well when you are looking to get something done in Stoughton you need to look no further than to the good people of the Stoughton Chamber! Terry and Joanne are the go to people when you need help.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt wanted to participate in Stoughton Day by sampling our delicious Froyo but didn't realize until the 11th hour that we needed to get a Bd of Health temporary permit to participate. One call to Terry and it was done! Thanks Stoughton Chamber, you guys are a life saver and good friends to have!

That is why Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is a Stoughton Chamber of Commerce member!

Gerry Pelissier, Franchise Owner
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

I had approached Terry Schneider, the Executive Director of The Stoughton Chamber of Commerce with what I considered to be a small matter. His subsequent lightning-quick response and ultimate resolution to my request made me realize that the Chamber treats all members and supporters with the utmost professionalism, courtesy and respect - regardless of business size, standing or success.

Maureen McGowan, employee
Andrade's Liquors

"Being a member of the Stoughton Chamber has helped New England Sinai become more connected with our neighbors and businesses in our local community. As Chamber members, we have enjoyed working on many projects beneficial to the community, and we have welcomed the support and participation of Chamber members in our annual Health and Fitness Expo. All of these programs go a long way in making Stoughton a better and healthier community in which to live and work. Additionally, the Stoughton Chamber has provided us an opportunity to tell people about Sinai's services and programs, and share with them the "Sinai story" about the work we do in caring for members of the Stoughton and surrounding communities."

Lester P. Schindel, Past CEO
New England Sinai Hospital

"Chambers of Commerce are usually considered associations working to help businesses succeed, however, the Stoughton Chamber is unique in that it approaches this mission with a basic premise that businesses succeed when the Town is a better place. Terry Schneider, the Executive Director, is the leader of a highly community-oriented group of business leaders. The Chamber supports an incredible array of positive initiatives that bring resources and benefits to the citizens of Stoughton and beyond. One finds the Chamber and its members involved in nearly every positive event or initiative in Town, and in fact leading a number of them.

Working together with Terry, the Schools and the Chamber, we developed a program in Stoughton called "Monkey Business", a "win-win-win" formula of teamwork, energy and creativity. The Zoo brought animals and educational programming to the schools, followed by student bus trips to the Zoo for a "Hands-On" learning experience, underwritten by Chamber Member Businesses. The businesses benefit from the recognition received, which later became known at the "Doing Well by Doing Good" benchmark. The Chamber even benefited some High School Journalists, who wrote articles that were published in the Chamber Newsletter and the school newspaper. This program was so successful that it was replicated in the Norwood Schools by the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The Stoughton Chamber of Commerce is so much more than just an association of businesses. It has become a leader in our community, bringing success to the businesses by enhancing the quality of life in our Town."

John Linehan, President & CEO
Zoo New England (Franklin Park and Stoneham Zoos)


My husband and I are huge fans of the Preferred Customer Card and use it frequently. Our children attend Kiddie Academy and there is an annual registration fee. Thanks to the "free registration fee" Kiddie Academy has offered consistently on the Chamber card each year, we have saved hundreds of dollars!

As you already know, since we met you and your wife at Chateau Restaurant, we use the card there and receive a generous 15% off our meals. I also use the card at Stoughton Cleaners & Tailors and the Stoughton Flower Shop, as well as the Old Colony YMCA and Lloyd Animal Medical Center. The discounts vary from small to large but they all add up to great savings in our pocket over time.

Not everyone knows about this Chamber Customer Card with all of these great savings, so I try to spread the word. I do make sure my parents have a card each year and I also tell my friends to get one. I thank you for what you do at the Chamber of Commerce for local businesses and local consumers. I truly appreciate how the Chamber helps my family to save money while buying locally.

Kristen Dacey
Stoughton Resident

As a longtime member of the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce, I have always appreciated the efforts of our members and often do business with my fellow members. The Preferred Customer Program affords us discounts at several participating member establishments.

Two member businesses that come to mind for myself and the Lovely Nadine are Andrade's Liquors where I receive a nice discount due to this great program. Jose Andrade's staff is always helpful, make recommendations, and have smiles on their faces. One time in particular comes to mind when I was not sure about what kind of wine to select. The on-duty manager asked me a series of questions and, in short order, had the perfect selection.

I also do a business with Lisa Wheeler at Copy Inks. I buy our business cards there, which are not ordinary cards. They were specifically designed to be a thick stock and folded so that they stand out. Lisa's staff has offered recommendations for our cards, proof read everything for us and are always gracious in their service. In addition, whenever we have large plans that need to be made or reduced, we immediately go to Copy Inks, knowing they are going to have the solution about the best and most economical way to make it happen.

Fred Yaitanes, co-owner
Fred & Nadine Team Realtors

I have been going to Island Street Automotive for many years and have never been disappointed, from the first contact with Jill O'Keefe (manager) and Paul McCarthy (owner). I have had the necessity to call on them, not only for scheduled maintenance, but also for unexpected repairs. Each time the repairs were completed timely, with obvious expertise and always at the exact price quoted. The best part is that with the Preferred Customer Program I also receive 10% off of all labor.

If you or anyone else requires any type of automotive repair I would, without hesitation, refer them to Island Street Automotive. Just call Jill and she will take care of everything immediately.

Steven J. Tyer, Administrator
Copley at Stoughton

I love the Chamber of Commerce Preferred Customer Program. Unlike other discounts, this is actually for businesses that I enjoy. It's nice to support local business and get rewarded for doing so. I probably frequent Stoughton businesses more because I get excited for the discount.

Michael Hammond, Station Manager
Stougton Media Access Corp (SMAC)

I love the Chamber of Commerce Preferred Customer Program. I honestly only use a few of the vendors listed on the card, but they make it worth my while. As member of the Old Colony YMCA in Stoughton, we get discounted rates on programs but also an additional $10 off each program. That really adds up during the year, and it certainly has paid off for us.

As we look forward to the colder months I'll be dropping our winter wools and comforters off at Stoughton Cleaners to get 20% off that hefty bill. I love that I can get 15% off my bill at the Chateau Restaurant and that includes take-out, which is mostly what we do. It's great to see these Stoughton businesses helping out residents financially; I look forward to my new card every year. I have also enjoyed passing out cards to friends and family, they really appreciate the discounts.

Susan Lyons

I have been using the Preferred Customer Program since it began several years ago. I often go to Stoughton Cleaners, Chateau Restaurant and Andrade Liquors.

I have also used it at Mr. Chefs, Windsor Tire, Stoughton Flower Shop and Sereniti Salon. I enjoy the discounts and the convenience of this program, Thank you Chamber!

Sandra Davis, co-owner
All Care Health Services

First and foremost, I would like to express my appreciation for the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce for their effort in reaching out to local businesses to set up the Preferred Customer Program. Their commitment and dedication to Business Members is greatly appreciated in each and every possible way. And to have the Town Officials and Members to get on board and create such a strong Chamber and Network is a tremendous accomplishment.

I have used the PC at multiple locations: Andrade's Liquors, Stoughton Cleaners and Tailors, Stoughton Flower Shop, Sereniti Salon & Spa, and the Chateau Restaurant, just to name a few. The discount is listed on the pamphlet and I usually get at least 10% (sometimes I even get a special discount just because I am a Stoughton Chamber member).
To get a discount at each and every business is extremely beneficial because everything adds up. The discount is very helpful to my monthly budget and finances. Keep up the good work and two thumbs up!"

Carol Melendy


"As the Director of St. Anthony's Market, a food pantry in Stoughton, I never perceived of any connection between our work, and the functions of the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce. I could not have been more wrong.

The Chamber, led by their Executive Director, Terry Schneider, has shown itself to be the friend and trumpeter of all commercial enterprises in Stoughton, large and small, and also champion of the invisible community, your neighbors who live in hardship. They are also the avenue of benevolence toward the local organizations that attempt to answer some of those needs.

I have seen the Chamber's assistance in the "Doin' it for Diane" dance and fundraiser, benefiting both St. Anthony's and the Ilse Marks Food Pantry (A.K.A. Stoughton Food Pantry). The contact person, working into the night of Thanksgiving Eve to assist a local family whose home was lost to fire was Terry, representing the Chamber. They also followed through with that family through the ensuing holidays.

From procuring donations from local merchants and industries, to hands on help for our elderly and financially distressed, St. Anthony's Market applauds the work of the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce."

Anne Havlin
Past St Anthony's Market Director (Food Pantry)

"Though, I am no longer the Director of OASIS (Organizing Against Substances in Stoughton), during my time as Director I found working with the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce to have been an instrumental part of the success of our Strengthening Families Program. It is my understanding that the Chamber has continued to facilitate collaborations between OASIS and local businesses and restaurants that donate meals for 25 families annually. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the children and families in Stoughton."

Caitlin Thomas-Henkel, LCSW
Past Substance Abuse Coordinator for OASIS

"The Stoughton Chamber of Commerce is a wonderful community asset. They not only represent the business interests but work hard to provide a high quality of programs and services that benefit everyone. They have built so many unique partnerships that give our children educational opportunities including visits from cultural institutions and summer internships. Most importantly, they help bring businesses into Stoughton which in turn generates revenue to fund Town services. A vital community must have an active business base and I know that the Chamber tries very hard to have a positive role in Stoughton's development."

Holly Boykin
Past Chairperson of the Stoughton Finance Committee


"The Stoughton Public Schools appreciate the continued willingness and support the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce has provided to maintain our educational partnerships, as well as encourage and develop new endeavors. Their efforts have afforded our students with many opportunities which would not have been realized otherwise. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce for all they do for the children of Stoughton!"

Anthony L. Sarno, Jr.
Past Superintendent of Stoughton Schools

"The Stoughton Chamber of Commerce has been an invaluable resource to Stoughton High School for many years. As a partner to our student newspaper, The Knight, the Chamber has provided business contacts for publishing, access to advertisers and ongoing support.

In support of our Peer Mediation program at the high school for the past three years, the Chamber had helped in securing funding from the Alcoa Foundation. They have also supported the DECA program, helping us to become one of the strongest chapters in the state. This year, DECA opened a school store using workforce development funds from Alcoa Corp secured again by the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce has provided prestigious scholarships to journalism, music and business students in the graduating class for a number of years.

Under the leadership of Terry Schneider, Stoughton High School and the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce have launched a new initiative, Academics in Motion (Project AIM). One of the benefits of this initiative will be to provide job shadows to SHS students within the Stoughton business community in their area of career interest.

Another component is an in-house internship program in which Stoughton High students can apply their business skills to project-based work for local business. Thank you to the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce for making our business-technology program at the high school a model for innovative curriculum and career development."

Brett Dickens, Past Principal
Stoughton High School

"Stoughton Cares, Job Shadowing, SHS scholarships, support for the two food pantries. These are just a few of the community and charitable initiatives of the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce. Local businesses support a myriad of community events, which help add depth and character to the quality of life in Stoughton. When you support the chamber you support what is best in people and what is best in the town. They are a real community treasure!"

Dr. David L. Fisher
Retired Principal of the South Elementary School